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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Written on October 26, 2011 at 10:09 am by Tamara

Christmas Online Marketing
As much as we’d all like to pretend it’s not true – Christmas really is just around the corner!  Instead of lamenting about where the days, weeks and months have gotten to, if you’re an online retailer, it’s definitely time to focus on getting ready!


1. Design special Christmas-themed banners and images for your website.

This could mean some festive touches in the header across the top of your website, or some new moving images for your homepage.  Not only does this show that you’re getting into the Christmas spirit, it will also act as a reminder to your visitors that Christmas is approaching and that you are an option when it comes to gift shopping. We’d recommend getting your web designer to help you out to ensure that the new imagery looks professional and fits with the rest of your website.

2. Link these new banners to some Christmas Specials.

It’s all well and good to theme your website in a festive manner, but now it’s time to dedicate an area to Christmas specials!  Direct your newly designed moving banner images to this area/page and show your users what you have to offer.

3. Look into a Google AdWords campaign.

Around the festive period, there are quite a few overwhelmed, and time-poor people rushing to think of unique Christmas gift ideas – and not surprisingly, a lot of them turn to their old friend Google for help.

Here’s a breakdown from Google looking at the number of times each of these keywords is searched for in Australia:

Christmas Online Marketing Keyword Search Volumes

Quite staggering to think that in December there’s more than 3,500 people per day Googling “Christmas gifts” to try and get that last minute bargain.

We can also look at the rise in searches over the course of the year for these keywords. This chart below highlights the above 5 keywords.

Christmas Google Insights

Collectively, you can see a huge increase in search volume for these keywords (almost 100x for ‘christmas ideas’). Given the late rush to buy Christmas gifts, targeting the right keywords in an AdWords campaign could definitely yield a healthy return on investment.

4. Undertake an email marketing campaign.

Fitting in with the Christmas-theming that you’ve done on your website, follow this through into a targeted email marketing campaign to help drive more traffic to your site. We all know how hard it can be to come up with unique gift ideas for our loved ones, so why not beef up your email marketing by offering suggestions for ‘Gifts for Him’ or ‘Gifts for Mum’ – not only can this be seen as helpful, it can also help you to highlight new or lesser-known product ranges.

5. Tie it all in with a Social Media strategy.

Don’t forget to tie it all in with a well-planned social media strategy – post photos and links to products. This may just cover Facebook, or it might also incorporate Twitter and YouTube. Try to leverage all mediums that you have your business signed up to, and ensure that you don’t just recycle and rehash the same content over and over on different channels. Social Media users are very different in the way they interact with the mediums (for example, Facebookers and Twitterers) – so make sure that you suitably target your updates to both, and never (ever) use software that automatically updates your Twitter each time you post on Facebook.

As well as the above, there are a few more points for you to consider as an online retailer:

  • Make note of delivery cut-off dates for your customers. Don’t be surprised if someone is placing an online order through your ecommerce site on December 24th. In the last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, place a note on product pages highlighting how long items take to deliver, and whether the customer should expect any delays. This will hopefully help to avoid confusion and potential disappointment.
  • If you have a bricks and mortar store, make sure you clearly display your Christmas trading hours; particularly if you are one of the many stores who will offer extended trading leading up to December 25th. Also make sure you clearly display any store closures that will be occurring during the festive period. Some stores open on public holidays, while others do not. Make sure this is clear on your website as there is nothing more frustrating than arriving at a store front to find it closed.
  • If you are having a post-Christmas sale online, make sure you have people in the office manning the phones. It is likely that people will still require support from time to time.
  • And finally, if you do take heed of my first suggestion – make sure all Christmas imagery is removed from the website in the New Year. There’s nothing worse than visiting a site that looks out of date.

If you’d like help or advice on any of the above pointers, just give us a call. The DBG Technologies team is ready and willing to help!